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Infants and Childhood Nutrition

Anna is able to offer consultations to parents concerned about food intolerances and allergies to ensure nutritional adequacy of diet when foods are removed due  to adverse reactions.

Having co-written a book on fussy eating Anna has lots of tips and ideas on how to encourage children who are selective eaters with the aim of promoting enjoyment of food within a safe and encouraging environment

if you are concerned about your child's weight - whether over or underweight Anna can support you with a detailed dietary assessment and support package for making sustainable changes to achieve goals of weight management

Dietary Assessment

Are you worried that your diet or your child's diet maybe having a negative affect on health?


Concerned that you may be deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral?


Why not have a full dietary assessment which includes a written report on current diet and advice on ways to improve diet with the aim of meeting nutritional requirements.

Sports Nutrition

Are you worried that your diet is not supporting your fitness goals or achieving your potential performance? 

Are you eating the correct macronutrients for your body weight, sport type and intensity?

Do you need support with your hydration strategy?

Anna is not only able to offer nutritional advice but also offer body fat testing, having completed the ISAK training Anna can use skinfold kalipers to assess body fat and circumferences to enable monitoring of body composition

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