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NEXT COURSE STARTS monday 4th april 2022

Fit and Farming is an 8 week health improvement programme for those working within the agricultural industry who are keen to manage their weight, and reduce long term risks of developing overweight related health complications such as Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol.

The course runs face to face for 8 sessions over a 12 week period. During the course delegates will be weighed, complete a food diary and are taught how to take an accurate waist circumference measurement.

Each session there is a different nutrition topic, encouraging participants to make active changes in their food choice and portion size.

This course does not promote any fad diets or quick fix plans but teaches evidence based dietetics to gain long term health benefits.

During the 8 sessions there are also external speakers from Agronomists to GP's to Physios. 

PLUS 45 minutes of yoga to support your flexibility, core strength and stability

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